Kitchen Anecdotes

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Two anecdotal glimpses into my kitchen tonight.

Anecdote #1: Life Hack

If you, like me, are better stocked for bartending than baking; and if you, also like me, love eating biscuits, you may one day find yourself in the difficult position of needing to cut biscuits from a sheet of dough but lacking a biscuit cutter.[ref]At least, I assume I’m not the only person in the world to face this dilemma. Perhaps I’m wrong.[/ref]

Provided you have a Cobbler shaker, there’s a simple solution at hand:

Shaker lid as biscuit cutter

Anecdote #2: Recipes

R and I cook in very different ways. One of us follows recipes to the letter, carefully measuring every ingredient and following every step in the directions. The other is far more improvisational, throwing ingredients in here and there and referring to recipes with nothing more than a cursory glance–if at all.

You get three guesses which one I am, and the first two don’t count.

The biscuit recipe I was following tonight said, for some reason, to grease a baking sheet and then sprinkle two tablespoons each of flour and cornmeal over the sheet, so I faithfully did that. I was running around trying to pull dinner together, so I didn’t stop to think about what a terrible idea this was.

Approximately 52 seconds after I stuck the biscuits, on the thoroughly floured and cornmealed sheet, into the oven, my kitchen was filled with smoke, and at that point, I began to consider that the recipe may have been slightly incorrect.