Planning Out the Next Generation of Post Kinds by Chris M.Chris M. (

I think *my* idealised end goal would be to have an "Insert [Post Kind]" button in the Block Editor, which when I give it a URL inserts a Block with all of the correct mark-up for the information available (essentially inserting an equivalent of the current post_kinds template files). Ideally the block would give me options to toggle icons/snippets, edit some of the data, etc.

By having the Post Kinds as a Block, the user would be free to insert the information wherever they like in the post, and even have multiple "Kinds" attached to a single post.

Admittedly, I don’t know what would be needed to enable this, so I might be imagining something which isn’t realistically possible…

I like this idea a lot. On an abstract level, I don’t think there’s any reason why a single post must only contain one “kind”. If I check in at a location and say I had a nice meal and am also enjoying listening to some live music, provided those are all marked up correctly with mf2, they could all go in the same post, right?

I anticipate some difficulty, though, with WordPress, because that would be a significant change for the plugin. Right now, post kinds are their own taxonomy, which allows a quick filtered view by kind (, for example). If post kinds become blocks in the block editor, we’ll have to rethink the whole architecture.

An incomplete puzzle

Someone asked me the other day, “What about your other half?”

What a weird phrase. “My other half,” as though I am an incomplete person without my wife. Was I just a partial human for the first 21 years of my life, until we started dating? When she’s at roller derby practice, or on a trip in another city, am I back to being unwhole?

If she’s so important to completing me, how did she end up with this Spencer-material I’m apparently missing? Did she inherit it at birth from her parents? Was it specifically tuned for 21-year-old Spencer, or did it mature and grow as I did?

Did I get auto-Horcruxed?

If people can have other halves, could some people have other thirds? Other quarters? Do you become less yourself the more people you love? Are asexuals and aromantics intrinsically more whole than the rest of us? Can the majority shareholders in Spencer outvote me?

Okay, I didn’t just land on this planet yesterday; obviously, I know it’s just an idiom. But it’s such a weird one. I’m not an incomplete person without my wife. She’s not part of me, and I’m not a part of her. We’re two independent, complete people who have chosen to build a life together, not because it was written in the stars or because we’re two halves of one soul, but simply because we want to.

That’s enough.