We just finished The Good Place, and I just…

This show is perfect. I mean, it’s imperfect, sure, but I’ve never seen something so honest and unflinching and joyous and earnest about the messiness of being a human.

It’s not just “a good show”. It’s spiritual.

It is so hard to be a human right now. The Earth is on fire. Hatred and fear seem to be gaining ground faster every day. The world I thought I knew, the world I thought would be there when I grew up, is gone, and I have no idea what the future will be.

Everything is hard, and maybe none of it matters in the end. But The Good Place stands out for resisting the easy cynicism.

To be human in this world, to care… it hurts. And it’s hard. And it doesn’t always turn out the way we want.

But we’ve gotta do it.

The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. But what do we live for, if not to make the world less difficult for each other?

The Good Place is great art.