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Hey Spencer, thanks for the kind words.

Have you seen indiebookclub.biz? That’s a little tool I’ve put together that makes it easier to post those read posts to your site. It’s via Micropub and there is an indieweb plugin that adds Micropub support to Wordpress sites, so you might be closer to achieving this than you think!

I’m not super familiar with the WordPress plugin, but the IndieWeb WordPress community would be happy to help with any questions. There’s a dedicated chat channel for WordPress if you want to stop by. More details at indieweb.org/discuss.

Hey gRegor! Thanks for the response. I really love being able to ping back and forth from my own site like this–man, the IndieWeb is cool. 😁

I hadn’t seen IndieBookClub, so thank you for the recommendation! I haven’t looked into Micropub at all yet. Maybe it would behoove me to do so.

And I appreciate the link to the IndieWeb chat. I’m an infrequent face in there, especially in #wordpress. I think I’m a little concerned about asking too many support questions!

Thanks again.