Adventures in Oaxaca Pt. I

It’s 10:00 in Oaxaca as I write this, and Rachel and I are relaxing in bed in our hostel. If you want to be technical, yesterday was our first (nearly) full day in Mexico, as we landed in Mexico City before the sun was up, but given how much of the day was spent in planes, cabs, and buses, I’m feeling like quietly[ref]Well, okay, I’m not sure it counts as “quietly” if I spend a whole line disclaiming that…[/ref] discounting it. Today was our first full day, and already we’re adventuring.

Here are a few of our adventures thus far. Continue reading

It's Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday!

Assuming all has gone according to plan, I’m currently in Mexico as part of my big summer travel plans with Rachel. At the time of this posting, I am likely on a bus to Oaxaca. But thanks to the ✨magic of WordPress✨, I’ve scheduled this to automatically post, even though I’m far away from my blog!

Last Friday, I learned that Isaac Asimov, occasionally accused of being an egoist, countered by describing himself as having “cheerful self-appreciation“. I love this–I think we’re all trained to downplay our strengths and wear the mask of false modesty so much that we forget to appreciate ourselves.

So let’s do some cheerful self-appreciation! What do you appreciate about yourself?

Leave your answer in the comments!

Also! If you’ve got ideas for future It’s Wednesday questions, please head over to my question box and send them my way!


But excited.

But terrified.

That’s been my emotional state for the past few days. Rachel and I arrived in Seattle on Friday evening with a car full of our possessions, and in the days since, we’ve been working through a massive pre-departure checklist. Around dinnertime tonight, passports in hand and with little more than the gear and garb our backpacks will hold, we’ll be boarding a flight at SeaTac, destination Mexico City. Continue reading