A few days ago, I realized, with a sharp jolt, that I wouldn’t be able to carry an ink bottle onto the plane with me during my upcoming summer of world travel.

If you’re a normal person, this might not register as an issue–an inconvenience on the same level as a coffeeshop lacking a hitching post for your horse, or the discovery that none of the supermarkets in town offer telegraph services. But since the beginning of the year, I’ve been writing almost exclusively with fountain pens, going so far as to replace my long-beloved Parker Jotter with them. As much as it may seem a blast from the past, I own and use bottles of ink with some regularity, and not only was I going to be unable to keep them in my carry-on, even if I checked a fragile glass bottle of deeply colored ink, carrying it around in my backpack seemed like an invitation for disaster. Traveling with my fountain pens was simply not going to work. What was I to do?

It was only after that brief panic that I realized I’d already anticipated this dilemma and purchased a Fisher Space Pen M4B for my travels. I am a forgetful man. Continue reading

It's Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday!

Today, after lunch with Rachel (a delicious homemade tofu banh mi), I walked over to the library. I was planning to only return some books, but before I knew it, I had a stack of four books in my hands, two more on hold, and an hour had somehow flown by.

Libraries, along with bookstores, game stores, stationery shops, and hipster-y general stores that sell all manner of trendy accoutrements, are total traps to me. I get sucked in and suddenly, it’s much much later than I thought.

What types of places suck you in?

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