This week has been a fantastic one for nerds.

  • On Monday night, Portal 2, the widely anticipated sequel to 2007’s smashingly successful Portal, was released, after a months-long promotional alternate reality game came to a close.
  • Tuesday morning, version 1.5 for Minecraft was pushed, an update that contained more content than had been released in a single update for months.
  • Today, a full spoiler for the next set of Magic: the Gathering was leaked, and despite the fact that the release is a month away, players are already buzzing about how impressive it is.

If only I had the time to actually appreciate this nerdery…

“Because different conditions of existence produce different habitus–systems of generative schemes applicable, by simple transfer, to the most varied areas of practice–the practices engendered by the different habitus appear as systematic configurations of properties expressing the differences objectively inscribed in conditions of existence in the form of systems of differential deviations which, when perceived by agents endowed with the schemes of perception and appreciation necessary to identify, interpret, and evaluate their pertinent features, function as life-styles (see figure 3).

-Pierre Bourdieu, “Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste”