For the first time since its conception more than two months ago, Tie Day Friday will be observed in December!

Tie Day Friday is a holiday I thought up a while back. It’s observed on the second Friday of each month. Participation is simple—you just wear a tie all day. I had originally intended it to be only for neckties, but you can wear a bow tie or a bola tie if you so prefer. I personally find clip-on ties to be godawfully tacky, but if you really want to wear one, I can’t stop you. The holiday isn’t “Not Clip-On Tie Day Friday”.

Haven’t got a tie? Wander on down to your local thrift store. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that’s either quite nice or horrendous, depending on what you want out of the holiday, for a rather insignificant amount of money.

Normally wear a tie? Wear a special tie, or wear a normal tie in a different way. Be creative.

No, there isn’t any reason for this, other than I just wanted to have fun this year. I think people get too tied up in routine, and fun little holidays like this may break the monotony in one way or the other. I’m still trying to think up more.

Hope you’ll celebrate Tie Day Friday with me this upcoming month, and in months hereafter!

Well, this is slightly odd.

I think I’ve figured out why I’m so long-winded, or at least part of that.

I like to cover every base when I talk. I want to make things as clear as possible, in order to keep questions and debate and conversation to a minimum. In that sense, I suppose, I’m a terrible conversation hog–I’m certain not to mince my words even the slightest bit, which results in me saying an awful lot. I shut down responses before they can ever come, and rarely leave statements hanging out there without a sort of explanation.

This is an odd thing. It’s rather ingrained in my personality, and now that I’m aware of it, it rather bugs me. I’m certain it must bug other people.

I’m not sure how I’m going to go about changing this. Maybe it can’t be changed. At least I’m aware of it, which is the first step.

Behind the Scenes

I just imported all of my posts from my old Blogger blog.

I’m still in the process of filtering them into categories, so, for the next while, don’t be surprised if there are blog posts hanging around with the uncategorized posts.

I just finished holding what amounted to a Mr. Reynolds party.

We caught wind that Reynolds, our physics teacher, was planning to retire from teaching at Putnam soon, so we decided to bake him a cake. (By “we”, I mean “Matt and Michelle”. I joined in later.) It was decided that we would use my oven to do so, so after dinner, they both filed over to my house, and we mixed ourselves up a cake.

The mixing, in fact, was great fun. We (I) created a chocolate vortex in the bowl that threatened to consume all life on the planet. Luckily, we kept it in check. I can only imagine with horror what would have happened if I had switched it up to 5.

After dealing with the vortex, we slid the cakes into the oven— for there were two 8″ x 8″ pans’ worth of batter— and wondered what to do for the next 33 minutes. We quickly decided on a game of 1000 Blank White Cards. I invited Dan over, we sat down, and played. Dan made some really fun cards, as did everyone else, and, of course, everyone’s favorite card, Hormones, was passed to me, and then Regifted to Michelle. (Just play the game with me sometime. You’ll understand.) Some great new cards were created, such as “My MP3 Player Can Beat Up Your MP3 Player”, “NO”, and “Here Comes the… Sun?” Nobody had to play with their head glued to the table, though I did make a new friend named Olson, and Matt left with a pineapple drawn on his nose. It was a great game.

Then we decided to frost the cake. Of course, before doing so, we had to remove said cake from its multiple pans. This was easier said than done. The pans weren’t entirely greased, and the cakes were still warm, so we had an adventure trying to flip them out of their pans. (And yes, I did just refer to the same thing as cake and cakes. It makes sense in my head, dammit.) We actually managed to do so with minimal losses, which were fed to Matt. We frosted one cake, then, in an epic move witnessed never before by human eyes, Michelle and I fused the two cakes together into one MASTER CAKE. It was incredible. The MASTER CAKE was frosted on top, then iced, while we enjoyed graham cracker/frosting sandwiches.

It was finally time for the last part of the evening, the ritualistic Tissue Papering of the Gifts. Michelle, Matt and I stuffed tissue paper into Floof’s gift bag and around her gifts, resulting in what is undoubtedly the greatest birthday gift ever. Honestly. Shakespeare thought he had good gifts— he ain’t seen nothin’, son.

And then they left, leaving me with a cake, 40 new Blank White Cards, and less tissue paper.

It was great.