Lousy Japan photos

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When I lived in Japan, I took a lot of pictures. Over 5,000. Then, when I returned home, I did what everyone with a digital camera does these days–put them all on my external hard drive and forgot about them.

There are some really great memories in there, but there are also a bunch of pictures that I have absolutely no reason to keep, and have just kept around anyway. I’ll pull out the great photos and share their stories some other time, but today, I want to look at a small portion of the goofy, pointless, or just plain inexplicable photos from my time in Japan. Continue reading

Tangled glasses drawing

Last week, some sort of inspiration struck me, and I ended up doing a lot of drawing. Here are some of the things I sketched last week:

(Incidentally, now that I’m drawing more, I wish I had a scanner–except I have a hard time justifying devoting any extra space in my tiny apartment to one. Oh, dilemmas.)