It’s Wednesday!

I’ve only had a week and a half of grad school classes so far, but I’m already neck-deep in readings and homework. Woooo, school!

One of the skills stressed in all of the literature about becoming a counselor is willingness to make and own mistakes. I believe we can all benefit from that trait and that its usefulness is not solely limited to counseling.

Owning mistakes is hard, though, because it means accepting responsibility and our own imperfection. Often, I worry how my peers will see me if I make a mistake–which is silly, because they are likely much more tolerant and understanding of my faults than I am!

By openly owning our mistakes, not only do we remind ourselves that screwing up is okay, we also demonstrate that to our communities.

What mistakes have you made recently? How do you feel about them?

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One thought on “Making Mistakes

  1. One that stuck with me recently, for no good reason, was melting the plastic lid to one of our baking dishes.

    I thought it was oven-safe, so when I put the dish of enchiladas into the oven, I left the bright red plastic lid on. I realized my mistake when I checked the enchiladas and saw red plastic dripping down the sides of the dish and onto the hot oven floor–but by then, it was far too late.

    It seems like a small thing, but man, did it stick with me. I felt awful for ruining something we use in our kitchen, and I also felt like a total fool for misremembering the plastic as oven-safe and not stopping to think rationally about that recollection. I had to work hard to remind myself that it’s okay for me to make mistakes and this wasn’t a Giant Indictment of Me as a Person.

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