It’s Wednesday!

It’s also the Fall Equinox. Since last month, I’ve been following A Humanist Year, a project that attempts to create a liturgical calendar based in humanist principles, so as to foster mindfulness and meaning-making. In the Humanist Year, the week of the Fall Equinox is the Fall Festival, which marks the end of the Season on Flourishing.

The Fall Festival is described as an opportunity to recognize all we’ve accomplished and celebrate the fruits of our labor. So this week, I figured I’d go with that theme!

What did you achieve lately, and how did you achieve it? What difficulties did you overcome?

As always, head to the comments to post your answer! That’s where you’ll find me.

One thought on “Fruits of Our Labors

  1. I am really proud of getting into and beginning my graduate program. Getting all the paperwork in order and taking the GRE last winter was a pain, and I was challenged–and continue to be challenged by–doubts about if I’m suited for the program. Impostor syndrome is real.

    I’m nearly three weeks in now, and although I continue to occasionally doubt myself, I am enthusiastic about how much I’ve learned so far and how much is yet to come. I’m finally beginning to work toward what feels like a career, and that’s awesome.

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