This would mean that the best move would be to rig the voting machine to deliver decisive victories for Republican candidates so as to not trigger an audit–and, in the process, to destroy people’s confidence in polls.

From the same user’s follow-up comment:

Like no one gives any fucks that Georgia and Arizona’s results were exact matches to the polls, and Susan Collins in Maine, where every vote, including mail in, is processed by ES&S machines, beat her polls by 17%. Polled down by 8-10 points for an entire year. Ended up winning by 9%. Such a huge margin, that there will never be an audit or recount.

Same thing happened in the races in Iowa, South Carolina, and Montana. Republicans that were projected to have close losses, all won their races by about 10%. Too big for recounts.

ES&S machines in every one of their races.

As people lose trust in the polls, races that swing heavily Republican compared to polling cease to seem like an anomaly. It becomes expected, providing more cover for future ratfuckery.

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